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At Home In My Body
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Covers of At Home in my Body CDs 1,2 and 3 (English version)
Covers of At Home in my Body CDs 4 and 5 (English version)
Cover of At Home in my Body CD 5 (English version)

About the CD Series

AT HOME IN MY BODY is a series of spoken-word CDs by Connemara-based priest Pádraig Ó Fátharta. In the midst of profound social change Pádraig invites us to stop for a moment and provides us with reflections and practices to bring our bodies and minds into harmony. View Pádraig's blog here →

At Home In My Body was recently featured in RTÉ's Nationwide - see the Media page. All five recordings, Reconnecting, Rest, Healing, Breath and Here and Now, are available. More about the CD Series →

Now Available in Digital form

All the tracks and CDs (English language versions) are now available as digital downloads and for digital streaming on Spotify, iTunes, and 7Digital, and many more. Search for 'Pádraig Ó Fátharta' under 'artist'.

Audio Samples:

CD 1: Reconnecting (4 min extract):

CD 2: Rest (10 min extract):

CD 3: Healing (5 min extract):

CD 4: Breath (4 min extract):

CD 5: Here and Now (5 min extract):

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